A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Latitude is the result of me getting bored late on Valentine's Day 2017.

This is a fairly simple infinite sidescrolling platformer; you have power to fly up to other platforms, and each stage is randomly generated (there are unlimited stages). For completing a stage, you get a point... and the map will scroll 10% faster and you have ~10% less power.

What does that mean? It gets difficult. My high score right now is 30. I might just be bad at the game, or the game gets difficult. I couldn't tell you.

There are no pause screens, intro screens, whatever, it's just a dive-straight-in sort of game. There are also no images -- everything is rectangles. Each stage has a randomly assigned colour (but can't be black, because that's the background). If you want a pause/intro screen, moan at me in the comments. :>

There's also no music. I wanted a game I could listen to my music while playing. You should too.


Press SPACE to fly. Your power resets when you land on a platform. Hit the massive pillar at the end of a stage to move on (you can fly into it).

If you have any power refills, as shown by the number of white rectangles in the top-left of the screen, you can also hit F to get a boost to your power -- this is especially useful in earlier levels. You gain one refill per level you clear.


This project is even open source, at https://github.com/Scratso/Latitude :>

Install instructions

  1. Extract the compressed folder (.zip, whatever)
  2. Run "latitude". If you're on Windows, this will be a .exe.

On Linux, you may need to set latitude to be an executable file: $ chmod +x path/to/latitude and may need to run it from a terminal ./latitude... Or just run it with the itch.io app, which is easier. :>


latitude-windows-stable.zip 10 MB
Version 3 Feb 17, 2017
latitude-linux-stable.zip 18 MB
Version 1 Feb 17, 2017


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Scored 3.

... Okay, my high score is now 75. Not 30.